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Sebastian Eckstein

Sebastian Eckstein
As Product Manager, Sebastian drives the product development of our Navigance solutions. With his expertise gained in research and development positions in the chemical industry, he translates customer needs into a user-friendly software service.
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Recent Posts

Intelligent plant monitoring: use cases and benefits for your team

Posted by Sebastian Eckstein on Apr 20, 2022

The Navigance Plant Monitor uses a range of methods to detect issues and anomalies in your chemical process data that, left unchecked, could pose a risk to plant availability and leave you exposed to the high costs of unplanned downtime.

In this series of articles, we look at how it identifies...

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High natural gas prices drive the need to optimize ammonia and methanol production

Posted by Sebastian Eckstein on Dec 10, 2021

As rising feedstock prices risk extended production freezes, Navigance offers a way to make smarter use of raw materials through chemical process digitalization and optimization.

High natural gas prices in Europe in recent months have driven many large chemical manufacturers to curb their output....

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Cloud security and how Navigance protects your data

Posted by Sebastian Eckstein on Jul 14, 2021

Security concerns still hold some chemical producers back from realizing the benefits of cloud computing. But serious, long-mature service providers have made huge strides in data security and privacy – and can help you solve other operational headaches too.

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