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Smart Turnaround Solutions - a webinar for the Ammonia industry

Lisa Krumpholz Nov 4, 2021 2:30:00 PM 1 min read

Planning and executing turnarounds are a major activity for each Ammonia plant and need to be well prepared. Join us for the Smart Turnaround Solutions webinar on 9th November 2021 and learn how smart solutions help you managing it efficiently.

Navigance is delighted to be presenting at the Smart Turnaround Solutions webinar on 9th November.

We’ll be sharing our expertise on increasing uptime and driving optimization in ammonia and other chemical production environments, along with other pioneering providers in the field.

More specifically, we’ll be explaining how intelligent monitoring technologies can help prevent plant shutdowns, maximize availability, and increase turnaround efficiency.

Here’s more on the subject of our session:

When chemical production processes fluctuate or issues occur, it can impact uptime or quality and potentially cause long spells of lost production. So incidents can be very costly and with current systems you may only find out there’s a problem when it’s too late.

The Navigance Plant Monitor supports plant teams in real time. It uses intelligent algorithms to automatically monitor process data and flag anomalies and deviations.

In our presentation we’ll explain what’s behind this technology and outline the achievable time gain and benefits with case studies. We’ll also outline a checklist of what’s needed to implement intelligent monitoring in your plant and how to build a convincing business case.

You’ll also get the chance to hear from:

  • IGS on Turnaround Optimization through Robust Corrosion Solutions
  • Langfields on The benefits of automation – lessons learned from welding in reformer environments
  • SDS Separation Technology on its RotaScrub scrubber for 1200 & 2200 MTPD ammonia plant Ammonia Recovery Units
  • Habonim on its HSE Project and Ammonia Flare System Upgrade

Keen to hear more from us? It’s easy to sign up for the Smart Turnaround Solutions event. There are two sessions to choose from on 9 November, one at 9am and one at 3pm GMT.

Head to the registration page now to book your place:

Register for 9 am (GMT) session                             Register for 3 pm (GMT) session        



Lisa Krumpholz

Lisa Krumpholz, Chief Sales Officer