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Elmar Peters Apr 11, 2022 3:00:00 PM 1 min read

Learn about plant monitoring at the Nitrogen+Syngas USA conference 2022

The Nitrogen + Syngas USA conference will be held in Tulsa, Oklahoma as a live, in-person event. It's your chance to learn about intelligent plant monitoring in the Navigance presentation on 3rd May 2022. Register to talk with us about chemical plant digitalization and solving your operational challenges.

In just a few weeks, from 2-4 May the CRU Nitrogen + Syngas USA Conference takes place in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This regional event focuses on reliability, maintenance and operational best practices in the ammonia, fertilizer and methanol industry. We are delighted to join this conference to discuss with manufacturers the benefits of chemical process optimization and monitoring by using latest cloud and machine learning technologies.

Discover how our advanced analytics tools, based on chemical process engineering and data science expertise, can help optimize any continuous chemical process. We support you to visualize and act on your plant data more effectively, using it as a platform to maximize plant uptime and process efficiency.

In the Navigance presentation, our product manager Sebastian Eckstein, will share how our solution for intelligent plant monitoring can help producers avoid unplanned downtime. An important topic for the chemical industry, with estimated costs of unplanned shutdowns of around $20 billion each year.

You can expect the following highlights in our presentation:

  • Learn how the Navigance Plant Monitor enables operation teams to act proactively, by generating pinpointed alerts on deviations in the process.
  • Get insights to the underlying technologies like pattern recognition, predictive monitoring and sensor anomaly detection
  • Case studies from ammonia and methanol producing plants outline achievable benefits
  • Get guidance what’s needed to implement intelligent monitoring in your chemical plant

The Nitrogen + Syngas USA event in Tulsa is welcoming delegates in person. So register today to attend the conference and speak with our experts about your plant's most pressing challenges and priorities. We show you how digital tools can help you address them and optimize with intelligence. If you are an operator, there is a special rate available for you.

We look forward to see you there.

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