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Join us at CRU's Nitrogen + Syngas conference 2022 in Berlin

Lisa Krumpholz Feb 22, 2022 1:15:00 PM 1 min read

Your chance to talk with Navigance about chemical plant digitalization, plant monitoring and process optimization, and solving your operational challenges. Register to attend and book a time slot today to meet us in person in Berlin.

This year's CRU Nitrogen + Syngas Conference & Exhibition takes place from 28-30 March in Berlin, Germany. Once again, the Navigance team will be there to discuss the benefits of plant process optimization with digital advances like industrial AI.

Discover how our advanced analytics tools plus chemical process engineering and data science expertise can help optimize any continuous chemical process. We can help you visualize and act on your plant data more effectively, using it as a platform to maximize plant uptime and process efficiency.

This year Navigance will also be presenting. Philipp Michel, Data Scientist at Navigance, will share how intelligent plant monitoring can help producers avoid unplanned downtime, which estimates suggest costs the industry around $20 billion each year.

You can expect the following highlights in our presentation:

  • Learn how the Navigance Plant Monitor uses technologies like pattern recognition, predictive monitoring and sensor anomaly detection to enable operation teams to act proactively
  • Case studies from ammonia and methanol producing plants outline achievable benefits
  • Get a checklist of what’s needed to implement intelligent monitoring in your plant

The 2022  event is welcoming delegates both virtually and in person. So, whether you can travel or not, you can still speak with our experts about your plant's most pressing challenges and priorities, and how digital tools can help you address them and optimize with intelligence.

However you choose to attend– in person or online– we're opening up our calendar to discuss your needs and next steps to digitalize your plant. You can register to attend the event and book a time to talk with us here.

Navigance at Nitrogen&Syngas 2022

We hope to see you there.

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Lisa Krumpholz

Lisa Krumpholz, Chief Sales Officer