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Hybrid process models: the benefits explained in CHEManager

Sebastian Werner Sep 23, 2021 10:45:00 AM < 1 min read

We've written for CHEManager about the benefits of hybrid plant models for chemical process optimization. Here's where to read it.

We’re pleased to have written a guest article for CHEManager this month. It looks at the benefits of moving beyond traditional first principle modelling in chemical plants to adopt hybrid models enhanced with artificial intelligence that help boost operational efficiency.

Head over to the CHEManager site now to read how hybrid models lay the foundations for continuous optimization of chemical processes using technologies like machine learning – increasingly essential as experienced personnel retire from the sector.

You’ll find the article, published in German, via the link below.Datengetriebene Optimierung von Prozessen – CHEManager 9/2021


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Sebastian Werner

Sebastian Werner, Chief Technology Officer