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Opportunities for data-driven analytics: Nitrogen+Syngas magazine feature

Sebastian Werner Mar 5, 2021 10:00:00 AM 1 min read

Read in the March/April 2021 edition how you could benefit from data-driven analytics

What’s the potential for process optimization in chemical plants like yours today and tomorrow? And how can you start realizing these opportunities now, to get ahead of growing pressure to improve the efficiency of your operation?

In the March/April 2021 edition of the Nitrogen+Syngas magazine, Sebastian Werner, Chief Technology Officer here at Navigance, shares our approach and various methods of uncovering the optimization potential in methanol and ammonia plants based on different process technologies.

The article explores the challenges of optimization given today’s resource pressures and using traditional models. Plus, how a unique approach using hybrid models enhanced with neural networks and machine learning algorithms can not only relieve plant teams of this burden but also enable them to harness substantial untapped efficiencies. A solution that works continuously and around the clock.

Pick up your copy of the Nitrogen+Syngas magazine now. You can also request a copy of the Navigance article below.

Nitrogen+Syngas is the magazine for the nitrogen and syngas industries, released bi-monthly by BCInsight Ltd. Find out more about the publication here.

If you are interested to learn about the optimization potential in your plant, contact us today. We are glad to explain you the details of how to get started with our data-driven assessment.


Download the article here:


Sebastian Werner

Sebastian Werner, Chief Technology Officer