CRU Nitrogen + Syngas USA conference 2021

Virtual Conference
16-18 February 2021

CRU Nitrogen + Syngas USA conference 2021

Posted by Lisa Krumpholz on Jun 5, 2020
Lisa Krumpholz
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We are looking forward to join 50+ world-class solution providers and technical experts at the Nitrogen + Syngas USA conference in February 2021, which will be a fully digital conference. This regional event is devoted to sharing operational experience and best practice in operations, reliability and maintenance of ammonia, methanol, hydrogen, syngas and urea plants.

If you ask yourself why adopting new digital technologies is such a hot topic for our industry and what you can do to make your own journey to digital a success, use the chance and discuss with us at the event.

Get a glimpse of a better tomorrow - listen to our presentation

Today, everybody’s talking about industry 4.0 and artificial intelligence. But the reality in the chemical process industry can in many cases be quite different. Complex Excel files, lots of graphs and plots to evaluate are often still the norm, and they can both hinder and complicate decision-making when you need to optimize operational processes

Join Sebastian Werner's presentation that aims to show you how state-of-the-art machine learning, data-driven analytics and our own process and catalyst expertise are combined in hybrid process models to deliver real-time actionable advice to optimize your process.

With Navigance, process optimization can be effortless. You’ll need little in-house resource and no data-science expertise. We are excited to explain you all details.

So, register for this virtual conference, meet us at the conference or get it touch with us now.

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