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Case study: Navigance Performance Manager as energy dashboard solution

Lisa Krumpholz Jan 10, 2023 7:55:00 AM 2 min read

In this blog post we explore the case study of a large European fertilizer producer using the Navigance Performance Manager as energy dashboard solution to monitor and manage the energy consumption of their units.

In this case study you learn about:

Who was it for?

A large European fertilizer producer operating a multi-plant complex, with lines producing ammonia, urea, nitric acid and more.

What was their challenge?

With targets stretching and resources tightening the producer’s need for reliable data reporting to inform effective decision-making was accelerating.

Capacity among plant personnel was scarce, so automation was essential – as was a single system management, engineers and operators alike could use to access the data most relevant to them.

The solution needed to support the entire organization in monitoring and optimizing its plant operations, and provide the ability to add system extensions over time.

What was our solution?

A project to implement the Navigance Performance Manager kicked off in July 2022 and was delivered in just 16 weeks.

Navigance set up secure and automated transfer of all relevant data to from the plant to our cloud servers and tools. There, our data platform automatically processes the data, presenting it in a user-friendly web dashboard interface personnel and partners with access rights can view and customize to their needs.

The Performance Manager serves as energy dashboard solution for the chemical producer and provides automated reporting on critical KPIs, on both a shift and daily basis. In addition, it alerts the relevant teams members if fixed limits in these measures are exceeded. This enables operators to take action quickly and the engineers and management to track all events.

Operators, engineers and managers can now track critical KPIs in real time and collaborate effectively to optimize their operations.

Navigance Performance Manager

What results have they seen?

The producer now has much greater transparency on their plants’ energy efficiency.

  • Plant teams can now track KPIs in real time, including energy efficiency, production quality, and other environmental metrics
  • Tailored dashboards enable operators, engineers and managers to see the information that matters most to them, with plant or cross-plant access
  • Monitoring and alerting on critical KPIs ensures the team can react early if there’s a risk of exceeding fixed targets

Teams across its operations can now use the automated data processing, reporting and built-in communication tools to collaborate more effectively.

  • Daily and shift reports for meetings are generated automatically, reducing manual effort and freeing plant personnel’s time to add value elsewhere
  • Data, alerts and reports are available to everyone with secure right-based access – for all plants, and all within the same interface


What happens next?

Since all Navigance solutions provide cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS), the Performance Manager will keep getting better, through ongoing updates – available to all users instantly in the online interface.

When the producer is ready, they can easily introduce automated 24/7 plant monitoring, anomaly detection and proactive alerting to prevent unplanned downtime, within the same online interface. And, in the same way, they can activate our process optimization solution when the time is right, too.


Lisa Krumpholz

Lisa Krumpholz, Chief Sales Officer